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From the unstable minds of the people who brought you some other games you have probably not played comes Submerged. 

You find yourself alone in a submarine that's slowly breaking down and before you lie untold horrors. 

What people have said about the game: 

"Best game i have ever played" - Some stranger who had never tried games before

"This game is absolute trash, if trash was super good looking and made of fun" - iDubbbz (This is possibly a fabrication)

"I did not know a horror game could actually fix all of the problems with my life while also being better than me" - JackSepticEye(fairly sure i heard him say this once)

"Wow i never knew a credit list could be so great, game was also good though" - My Korean stepbrother

"People have said really funny things about this game! wow! haha!" - The developer who fabricated all of this text (and thinks he is pretty funny)


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I know that this is an older game now, but I did really enjoy it. Great atmosphere and concept!

Please stop spilling semen all over my floors.

Nice Game : 

Is the game only for 64bit will a 32bit version be made? i cant play this version!

Sadly there are no plans to make a 32bit version, sorry

Every horror game ever, submarine addition. 
Not bad though, we had fun... probably because we were drunk.

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I rather enjoyed this game. Didn't really like the credits, though.

i know this is old, but i got to say it, who and the heck likes credits

Didn't this used to have a different itch.io page?

Oh, well! I'll repost my Lumps Play :D I really liked this! Not fantastic A+++, but still really good! 

Cheers! 🍻



I had a fantastic time playing this game. I don't want to give any spoilers so I will try to give an honest review without giving away too much detail. This is a great concept. I literally had a ton of fun playing it. I wish it would have lasted longer.... The only real drawback was that there was not enough threat for me. I wish there was a difficulty system implemented into the game. Other than that, GG. 10/10

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Really good game, reminds me of Narcosis which is one of my favourite games of all time

Hidden away under the ocean (I think) lies a man locked in battle with a creature known as Subject 76 (I think), the two barley surviving in the heated hollow tin they know as home.

dis cool gaem is so scary! 

cool n good game.

This game was so creepy and interesting! Really good atmosphere and the credits were the best thing I've ever read (which I don't do a lot but still says something I think!) 

RUN...GET OUT! | Submerged Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Man this game really knows how to make you feel like you are in a closed space,but i really enjoyed the game :-)

I love the concept of the game! Anything to do with underwater really makes me panic!lol I like how you have 2 endings and the game really messes with your head lol Is it real? or is it fake?? Well done! :D

Heya there! Thank you for playing our game! Glad to hear that you liked the game concept - we found it interesting to make!

Just because of the overview, I downloaded this game. 

Hi there! Thank you for downloading our game! We hope you enjoyed playing it! 

Loved the atmosphere and especially the ending! That monster scared the scrap out of me as well lol. 

Heya! Thank you for playing our game! We did our best to make the atmosphere nice and cosy!

Deleted 113 days ago

Hello there! Thank you for playing our game! Glad to hear you liked the idea of being underwater. :)

I think I did the right things... or maybe it was a LIE! 

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 

Hi! Thank you for playing our game! I'm sure you did the right thing.... for someone! :)

fun gaming good graphics one of the best ending 

nice bes

Hi! Thank you for playing our game and we're glad to hear you liked it!


I dig the visuals and atmosphere in this game, not too scary though. The monster was small compared to how it sounded. So was the monster just an hallucination ? Or was it in fact real? Overall, I enjoyed the experience, thank you!


Thank you for playing our game! Who knows if the monster was in your head or not?! Glad to hear you enjoyed it! :)


Overall, not too bad! The visuals were a bit dated and the monster animations were a bit choppy, but the suspense of the O2 always ticking down along with the engagement of the puzzles made for a tense time! And you really nailed the sound design! Plus it was a quick replay for the second ending, so no complaints there.


Thank you for playing our game! The suspense was the main factor of the game we were hoping for rather than straight up scary monsters! Glad you liked the sounds!

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Thank you for playing our game! We've had a fair bit of comments regarding the credits, they seem to be well liked! :)


Amazing game. I recommend it to everyone. Nice job


my channel for more horror games and trailers:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC87ACz99Buum0tospPSQSbA

watch video here:


Hi there!

Thank you for playing our game, and glad to hear that you enjoyed it!


Is it possible for you to make a mac version of this game?

Hi there! Yes, it is most likely possible! We'll look into that as soon as we can this week!

Hi again! We've just uploaded a mac build of the game! We're a bit short on macs to test on, but it has played fine on a 2015 MBP. Hope you enjoy it!